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Every month, we provide new courses and skill resources needed to best help you upscale your learning curve, drive high social impact and engagements. Our platform and methodology allow you to learn, connect and launch into the world of opportunities without the complexity that comes from virtual and in-person learning.



Learning a new skill doesn’t have to interrupt your busy schedule. Our on-demand videos and interactive code challenges are there for you when you need them.

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Why is JavaScript so powerful that you can't run from it?

Any programming language that cannot access, modify, program and react to the browser cannot compete with Javascript.


How I Learned Technology Skills Without a Laptop

My family couldn't afford neither a laptop or a desktop; I only see a computer whenever I go to the cyber cafe to purchase 30 minutes browsing credits (some will still remember that era).


Even and Odd Number Algorithm in Python Programming Language

While it isn't possible to manually achieve all of the tasks the same evening (of course, I was too tired to go through the 500 contact list), programmatically, it is possible.

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