2020 Most Active Trainees

In the course of this one year, we put out quite a number of initiatives and online classes to help people develop their skills or scale-up in skills they had already acquired.

 A good number of individuals showed keen interest in our online courses (most of which were free and interactive) and these people benefited from the courses with testimonies. 

Among these individuals that participated, we had a few who went further to put into practice what they had learnt, shared the stories of their achievements and adequately engaged with our platforms and other fellow students. 

Our value proposition at InstinctHub is to create personalised education, renewed sense of purpose and help others achieve success; therefore we look forward to witnessing this feat and when people who have interacted with our platform begin to achieve this, it is of utmost importance that we appreciate them, thereby encouraging so many others who would want to take part but just need a little push. 

Without further ado, here are our four (4) most Active Students for the year 2020 and a brief bio on them: 


Kelvin Sonybare

Kelvin Sonybare


He is a UI/UX Designer || Brand Strategist || Web Developer, and he is very passionate and dedicated to my work. With years of experience as a professional Web developer and a creative designer who loves technology and the way it affects lives positively. He enjoys every steps of the design process, from discussion and collaboration, he solve complex challenges and build stuffs.


"I have been impacted positively by the teaching and knowledge gained, this really shaped my person and my notion about web developer and design. I am better at what I do now cos of the level of teaching gained from Instinct Hub. Thank you"


Dr. Adams Adeiza

Adams Adeiza


He is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia.He is also an entrepreneur, a management consultant. 38 years old and the 15 of those years have been spent mainly in the academic world and in founding and managing several companies.


"InstinctHub introduced me to the world of User Experience Design (UXD) as well as portfolio website design using CSS. The knowledge has not only enabled me to have a website that let the public know me and enable me to showcase my talents, it has helped me generate valuable traffic to sell my offers."


Raphael Popoola