3 Most Costly Mistakes We Often Make In Life

Have you ever thought about the past? Things you could have done differently? Communions you would have avoided, events you should have attended? Skills you should have learnt?

The unfortunate thing is that we cannot roll back the hand of the clock.  However, there's one thing we can do: take full advantage of the future and never make the same mistake again. 

There's a famous saying; once bitten twice shy. In this post, I'll tell you three mistakes we often make and ways to avoid them. 

How will this post impact you; with the tips you learn, you will become more proactive in your day-to-day life. 


1. Fear of the unknown. 

As humans, we fear a lot (like some of my friends say, fear and lies are in our DNA; I can't entirely agree, though). 

However, anxiety amounts to the ample reason we fail whenever we take some innovative steps. Some won't even take the steps just because they're unsure if the result will be positive. 

When we allow fear to domicile our heart, we compromise our decision-making process, which in the end, might result in partial or total failure.


What are the things to look out for? 

One common thing about humans is that we always aspire to do something. So there's just always these ideas, plans, the ambition we always think of. But, most significantly, we all want and envision a more fantastic and more fulfilling future. 

How about you take these thoughts and imaginations seriously! Take them as if your life depends on it (it do). 

One of the ways to overcome fear is to have a clearer picture of the expected outcome. If this is the cause, why not read about people who had done what you're trying to do? 

It is easy to mislead while ready on other people. So please don't focus on their success story alone. The success they share is a result of the consistent price they pay behind the scenes. 

In fact, as for me, I pay less attention to the result; I'm always more interested in the steps, activities and consistencies behind the development. That way, I can be mentally ready to take on anything that comes my way. 

Another way to conquer fear is always to remember that you cannot run away from your problem; the best you can do is face it. Then, shockingly, the pain will subside.


2. Lack of self-confidence

The irony of not having self-confidence; is a stigma that remains forever if not adequately dealt with. What makes it even more dangerous is its ability to cause emotional breakdown and sickness. 

How you spend your days is determined by the level of your self-confidence. It brings energy, commitment and pace needed for great exploit without being afraid of any limitation.


How to overcome lack of self-confidence

Know yourself! Know where your strengths lie. To overcome a lack of self-confidence, you need to admit you are always in the process of learning. Therefore, you need to exhibit a learning mindset. 

When it comes to learning something new, it takes time and commitment. You need to know and keep telling yourself you will get better (even when others don't feel that way about you). 

Whatever you need to do to keep moving, keep doing it (one step at a time). Focus on the day-to-day activities, not the overall result.

That way, your daily activities will reinforce you to become better without even you knowing. 


3. Not taking advantage of opportunities 

We do this a lot! However, unfortunately, we often don't take full advantage of opportunities around us. 

Two potential opportunities come our way. Firstly, it either there is an opening for us to take on a new role or secondly an opportunity to learn something new. 

Here is where things become very tricky. To take an opportunity for a new role means we need to meet whatever the requirements entail (or at least have the potential to deliver). 

In other words, new role opportunities are likely to walk past you if you don't have what it takes to assume such a position (meaning if you fail to be prepared, you are most likely not to be the lucky person for the job). 

On the other hand, the second opportunity we fail to embrace is learning something new. Sometimes we get some free slot or little bonus (financial or free time) to learn new skills and take them for granted. 

Simply because it seems to us at that very moment that we are fine, after all, perhaps we can pay our bills, purchase some of the things we want or even travel to places if we want. As a result, we don't take advantage of learning new skills.

The funny part is that laziness and procrastination also rob us of these advancements. 


How do you stop missing opportunities:

I will say it is simple; learn as if your life depends on it (it does) because your skillset attracts potential opportunities. 

As you advance, look at areas where you need improvements, purchase books, courses, attend seminars, connect with people with like minds. Then, in no time, you should start getting results. 

Go ahead and leave a comment below if you've learned something new. 

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