4 Ways to create an Effective UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is no doubt the foundation of any product. When I say product, it is not limited to web design alone. UI/UX design cut across the various aspect of our lives. From the car we drive, the clothes we wear to some of the things we eat. All of these products started with someone's imaginations.  

UI/UX design is a big deal for a brand and you need to embrace it as such. Whoever is taking this role needs to be effective in helping the brand uncover the opportunities laying before the organisation. As a UI/UX designer, you need to be able to speak for the user (users advocate) and at the same time, you need to be able to achieve the brands aim objectives while creating your design patterns. 

These processes is not an easy one at all, however, being proactive and effective will go a long way.  Here are 4 tips you should consider. 

Be Engaging as a UI/UX Designer

The first rule of working with startups is being involved in the whole work process and product.  Every business owner or managers like and embrace their business idea, the same way, a trusted UI/UX designer or a team of designers also should support and live it! Before you meet with a client, show your engagement by preparing valid examples from your portfolio and your clients' competitors. It would be an advantage to you if you are a professional in the niche.

Be engrossed in User Research

Undergoing research for the business or brand is key in creating an effective Ui/UX design. UX Researches allow both you and your client understand the business and the idea better, and just in case the business has only an idea, here are a few things to include in your research:

  1. Market and competitors analyses
  2. Jobs to be done 
  3. Screen-map and user flow diagram
  4. And a whole lot more
  5. UX Research will make you and your client understand and reason on the same page. 

Show enthusiasm as a UI/UX Designer 

It is known that business owners are smart and sometimes can be self-reliant, however, they turned to you as the professional designer, so you need to be enthusiastic and deeply interested in UI design as well.  Once the UX research is ready, analyze references the client gave to understand the level of visual education the client has. 

It is expected that some clients don't know exactly how their business should look like, it is left for you to switch on your professionalism to the maximum and create your visual system! Remember that it is also important that the visual direction is approved by the client once it is done. 

Be effective with your communication

Especially for startups, it's not just bout delivering the projects, you always need to communicate with developers and client in case of any questions. Effective communication helps to carry your team along. Ask them questions, seek their opinions, it can be as little as asking them to where you should place the button. Remember, people like to feel important, so prove to them they are. The most essential part is the launch and you need to make sure, you stay with the engineers until the product is out there. Startups usually require adequate support in the development process, therefore, you need to assist and help out if you want to add a successful startup to your portfolio. 

Working with businesses with startups orientation is the most important thing that may happen to a UI/UX designer. Fresh ideas, openness to the new solutions and engagement of business owners make the workflow smooth and cool. So be passionate, stay active and work hard. You can become a legend!

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