Emerging Technologies

Technology is ever-evolving daily, which results in constant changes in technological trends. Since 2017, there have been and will continue to be a lot of significant trends in technology. If there is one thing this 21st-century guarantees, that is changes in technology. Trends in technology can influence company growth projects, have an impact on how customers reach your e-business. They can also help introduce new methods that could give you a potential lead over your competitors. There is always constant development in technology to meet the needs of people and organisations.

Let look at some of the biggest technology trends.


1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This has received a lot of buzz in recent years, yet AI is still one of the emerging technologies because of its notable impacts on living, playing, and working. AI is well known for its superiority in speech and image recognition, smartphone personal assistant, ride-sharing apps, navigation apps, and so much more.  Other than that, AI can also be used to analyse interaction to underlying connections and insights. 

According to research, the AI industry will grow to $190 billion by 2025, and with AI moving across all sectors, new jobs are being created, making it the top new technology trend you must watch out for!


2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing delivers on-demand computing services -- from applications to storage and processing power. This has been mainstream for a while. Rather than companies owning their computing infrastructure or data centres, they can rent storage from a cloud service provider.


3. Quantum Computing 

This fantastic emerging technology also prevents the spread of the coronavirus and develops vaccines because of its ability to easily query, monitor, analyse, and act on data, regardless of the source. 


4. Virtual Reality&nbsp

Virtual reality is a simulated experience that is different or similar to the real world. Though VR has been around since the 1950s, it has just recently that the technology has been able to deliver the total experience users have been craving for entirely. VR has been a popular component of video games for several years, and this trend is undoubtedly going to continue expanding. In addition to video games, VR is also capable of impacting companies worldwide as they adopt the technology that helps them engage with their customers effectively and optimise their sales and marketing efforts. It’s also a potentially helpful tool for learning and is increasingly being adopted by educational organisations.


5. Blockchain 

Although most people think blockchain technology is about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, etc.  In the simplest of terms, blockchain is a system used to record information in a way that cannot be hacked or changed. Many industries are involving and implementing blockchain, and as the use of blockchain technology increases, that makes the demand for skilled professionals. A blockchain developer specialises in developing and implementing architecture and solutions using blockchain technology from a birds-eye view.

Though technologies are advancing all around us, these five technology trends promise potential career opportunities now and later. And most of these trending technologies are in need of skilled professionals, suggesting now is the time to decide, get training, and get started now.

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