5 Ways to Make Learning Fun


5 Ways to Make Learning Fun

I'm not just getting it! I just hope one day, I will be able to learn it!

These are the kind of phrases that come up after a failed attempt to learn new skills. You will agree that we're all guilty of this if you read this post.

When we try to learn new skills, in the beginning, the momentum is high, but a few days into the learning process, from nowhere, interest begins to decline until you have no other courage left to continue learning.

This post will look at five steps to keep yourself motivated whenever you learn a new skill.

1. Create Interest Link

One way to stay afloat while learning something new is to keep your interest alive. The energy would die like a faulty car battery when you lose it.

Before you start learning any skill, get engrossed with the outcome. Let the result be what you strive to reach. As much as you can, watch videos of people who have done what you are about to start learning and see what they can do with the skills afterwards.

If there are movies about what you are about to learn, watch them first. Make sure your brain has enough taste of what you aspire to get. By doing this, you are simply building an attractive memory lane.

2. Develop a Growth Mindset

There are two types of persons regarding mindsets; some are fixed, and others are progressive.

Carol S. Dweck, in her book; Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, categorised these two mindsets as follows:

Fixed Mindset:

They believe qualities like intelligence and talent are set in stone. These people would always say, "I was just not born this way."

Growth Mindset:

They understand that their traits can be developed, honed, and improved through practice. Therefore, they would always say, "I can change."

To scale and learn, you must be interested and adapt to changes. These two words go hand in hand (interest + change = growth).

3. Studying with a Partner

Having a partner you can rely on can go wrong very quickly, especially if you have a partner that easily distracts you and won't let you get any work done.

It will help if you avoid partners that like to get the whole thing done without caring whether you are learning or not.

Partnership in learning should be two-sided; you are meant to hold each other's hands and be the source of strength when the road seems challenging.

A partner helps you see things from a different perspective. You need one in your learning journey.

Partner with someone willing to learn and teach. The synergy will be rewarding.

4. Understand your Environment

You know how your body operates better than anyone else. You need to understand the atmosphere that works better for you. Is it during the night when everyone is sleeping, or do you learn better during the day?

Would you like background music playing in the background to keep you focused? Do you need a bottle of water close to you, or are you the coffee or tea type?

It would help if you made your body comfortable to get optimal concentrations as much as possible.

5. Set A Mini Reward

Don't wait until you finish the course before you celebrate your successes. Instead, it would be best if you celebrated your little milestones as much as possible.

Most people finish their college education because they want to get grades, graduate, secure a job, get a new apartment etc. However, this shouldn't be the only reward you give yourself.

Try infusing incentives into your mini milestones, like finishing assignments before deadlines or dedicating a particular amount of time to learning.

Just make sure the rewards have lots of fun in them. For example, it could be letting yourself watch a movie, getting to stroll with a friend or going to buy yourself edible things.

Before you start learning anything new (or even if you've started already), build your anticipations with mini rewards.

Make up your mind that you will do something fun when you are done studying or meeting that deadline.

These five attributes will increase your motivation and power you through that study session.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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