Choosing from the pool of Digital Career
Tunde Osborne

Tunde Osborne


Choosing from the pool of Digital Career

What is so great about this career that makes everyone talk about it? Well, you will agree that irrespective of what we do (profession), technology modifies every aspect of our lives. Things around us keep getting better because the digital industry has been designed to accommodate revolutions. Some years back (from 1945 - 1959), we used to have very large devices like vacuum tubes. However, the story has changed; nowadays mini devices makes it easier for us to make decisions that were not possible some years ago (literally, we carry the world in our pocket and still feel very comfortable). 

What to look for in Digital career

What kind of job do we have in this career pool? There is always the assurance of finding good fortune when it comes to choosing a profession in the digital career, while coding is crucial for most people; it is not a criterion for one to be a part of the digital industry. Among coding and developments, the discipline caters for roles like: 

  1. Digital marketer
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Graphic designer
  4. Product Manager 
  5. Product designer
  6. Videographer
  7. Animator
  8. Copywriter (the list goes on)


Digital Career Description

Digital marketer; A Digital Marketing Manager specializes in the marketing of product or services using digital channels to reach consumers. their key objective is to promote brands through various forms of digital media with the help of different terminologies.

Digital Marketing extends beyond internet marketing, also, they use channels that do not require the use of the internet.

These set of people work at the forefront of the implementation of various digital projects where digital marketing informs IT decision making. They manage all digital marketing activities to drive online trading performance and full website optimization. They are responsible for the management and optimization of digital channels including paid search, SEO, display, affiliates, paid social and Mobile.

Having external stakeholder management skill is essential as one is expected to manage a variety of external digital media agencies to create, manage and run digital campaigns. As a digital manager, you are also responsible for managing, supporting and developing the digital team. With the responsibility of implementing digital marketing plan along with regular analysis and reporting to the senior management team.

It is paramount that you are proficient in using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Tableau and Adobe Analytics just to name a few.

Budgeting and resource planning is also an essential skill set, meaning that you are required to be quite proficient in using Microsoft Excel (and other statistic platforms).

The digital manager is expected to work with a cross-functional team. Constantly collaborating with the E-commerce team, IT, UX and UI team along PR to implement the brand’s digital strategy and to identify digital opportunities to support overall business objectives. Having a professional qualification in Digital Marketing along with working experience is very beneficial for career growth.

Data Analysis; A data analyst role is to inspect, cleanse and model data to deliver useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making. It involves employing Data Mining technique which focuses on modelling and knowledge discovery to understanding the past and predicting the future and using Business Intelligence technique to gather and aggregate business information.

As a data analyst, you are expected to work across a broad range of areas, including Business Intelligence (BI), Data Assurance, Data Quality, Finance, Higher Education, Sales and Marketing. You will extract and analyze large data sets, draw valid inferences and present them successfully to management using data dashboard, graphs, and visualizations.

As a data analyst, you will regularly work to interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques, and provide the report as needed by senior management for decision making. You also help to identify and develop new process improvement opportunity through data and develop new ways to improve data, search quality, as well as predictive capabilities using data.

Graphic Designer; with the aim to captivate consumers, you will communicate ideas through visuals. You will focus mostly on product layout, conveying messages through creating visual contents. To properly create images and typography that will meet users' need, you will use pagination techniques like content hierarchy. Finally, use the psychology of design to optimise user experiences. 

Sometimes, design can be complicated, however, it is fun most of the times. But to be realistic, graphic designs some times can be overwhelming. Designers needs to pay adequate attention to several principles of designs to make sure they are constantly working within the design best practices. To give you a broader perspective, these are some of the design principles; 

  1. Lines; it helps create emphasis, direct the eys and give a sense of movement. 
  2. Scale; creates a relationship between elements and helps to establish emphasis.
  3. Colour; helps to convey specific mood, channel emotions and describe the atmosphere. Colour covers the skeleton of our designs. 
  4. Repetition; just like the way we have societal or cultural groupings, repetition helps bundle individual elements together. Repetition helps to constantly use brands' elements to retain visual memories. 
  5. Negative Space; without space, visuals will be hard to read. Negative space is the space between or around elements or shapes. The lists go on and on. 

Product manager; As a digital product manager, practically, you are a senior member of the digital product team. You are expected to lead a multidisciplinary team supporting and continuously improving the product to a significant scale and complexity. You are responsible for understanding the needs of the end-user, working closely with digital solutions architects and IT to see how technology can enhance the user experience, drive down operational cost, improve overall operational efficiency.

The task of a product manager includes creating new business models and delivering a superior customer experience. The manager is in charge of taking products through all phases of the development life cycle to make things easier and faster to use. You will be heavily involved in the product roadmap, investing a lot of time in user testing and having a successful communication with both the business owners and key stakeholders. 

Product designs; Defining rising problems of real people and coming up with possible solutions, it is the role of a product designer to come up with ideas that can serve as a possible solution in any given instances. 

Product designers design is the one responsible for the design of the things we use in our everyday lives, from our mobile phone, laptops desktop, earpieces to the radio in our homes and offices (the list is so large). Beyond the digital space, product designers are the specialist that helps to design our office and house equipment. 

Videographer; As a videographer, you are expected to capture specific actions of an event. Also, edit and publish videos to tell a concise story. You will make sure that equipment for the shots is well intact. And finally, you are to inspect locations to make sure they properly cater for the shootings. 

Animator; They essentially draw images like puppets. As an Animator, you are expected to transform static images to live images on the screen (bringing pictures to life). You can find their works on commercials, feature movies, pop videos, computer games. 

Copywriting; You will specialise in turning briefs into copy (jingles, scripts and slogans) that can grab the attention of the audience. You will generate engaging content contents used across multiple channels. The channels may include prints or digital medium. You are to pay more attention to detail which normally helps in providing error-free contents. you will often contribute to balance several aspects of a company's' marketing mix.  

Inclusion, there is so much one can accomplish in the digital industry. Opportunities are always there for continuous growth. It a career choice that never gets boring. The industry has left you the choice to help shape the future generation. Subscribe to get more tips.

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