Embarking on my Tech Industry Journey with No Personal Computer
oludare adepoju

oludare adepoju


Embarking on my Tech Industry Journey with No Personal Computer

In the beginning, my academic background was in Economics, and I always had a fascination with diving into data analysis to expand my skill set in interpreting and presenting data, or exploring software engineering due to my familiarity with various software programs at my job. While I had gained some experience using Microsoft Excel for data analysis at work, I soon realized that this was insufficient to become a professional data analyst. I actually learned how to use Excel during my time working in the accounts department at Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc. in Lagos, Nigeria during my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

In 2022, I embarked on my journey in the field of technology. While browsing online, I stumbled upon a tech scholarship opportunity offered by a specific institute that was primarily supported by the MasterCard Foundation for young Africans. Intrigued by the prospect, I applied for programs in Data Analysis and Software Engineering using two distinct email addresses. During the application process, it was made clear that one major requirement was to possess a personal computer that met specific specifications. This gave me pause since, at the time, I only had a Techno Android phone and no immediate plans to acquire a computer. Consequently, I left the application incomplete.

However, a week before the application deadline, I decided to finish it, even if it meant falsely stating that I had a personal computer. After waiting for two months, the scholarship for data analysis was denied to me. Instead, I was awarded the scholarship for software engineering. This was a challenging moment as I couldn't afford a computer after waiting for so long, with no one willing to assist.

Thankfully, my wife's encouragement kept me going. Ultimately, I regretted not being truthful about my computer situation as it resulted in wasting the data analysis scholarship.

I refused to give up

I was determined and did not give up. Surprisingly, Master Card awarded me a scholarship to study Virtual Assistance for three months. I completed the course using my phone and occasionally using computers at business centers when needed. I actually applied for three different courses separately through the scholarship program, and Virtual Assistance was one of them.

I followed my intuition to focus on a tech-related course that year and was willing to borrow a computer if necessary. Interestingly, some tech courses don't require a personal computer, but having one is crucial for a deeper dive into a tech career.

While waiting to get your computer start something

As I waited to secure my own computer, I embarked on my journey and successfully graduated with honors as a professional Virtual Assistant after three months, all achieved with the aid of my phone and business center computers.

After completing the training, I secured my inaugural internship at IntinctHub. Following the completion of my Virtual Assistance training in September 2022, I secured my first internship at Instincthub through the Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Programme in April 2023, an initiative supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). During a brief interview with InstinctHub's CEO, Noah Olatoye, I proposed the idea of interning virtually for the company to which he surprisingly accepted.

Expressing my aspirations to become a proficient data analyst, He advised me to enroll in a free data analysis course as part of the 2023 tech diversity programme. Despite not having personal access to a computer for the course, I diligently fulfilled my intern responsibilities remotely. Noah Olatoye not only serves as a proficient Tech Professional but also a source of career motivation. If you have the opportunity to meet him, I highly recommend doing so as you won't regret it.

Discover how I made it through the data analysis course without a personal computer.

Naturally, I managed to successfully enroll in the 2023 Tech Diversity data analysis course at Instincthub using my android phone, with the intention of blending the use of my mobile device and external computers at business centers. The initial registration process was relatively simple, but as I delved deeper into the learning journey, I encountered challenges and frustrations when attempting to complete tasks without access to a personal computer. I

t became evident to me that having a personal computer is essential for advancing in a tech career, emphasizing the importance of acquiring one early on in your training for those looking to pursue a career in the field. Once again, I end up not completing the training before the end of the programme in 2023

I finally possessed my very own computer that is personal computer I never let the lack of a computer deter me from pursuing my tech career. Instead, I viewed these challenges as a chance to save up and seek financial aid to purchase a reliable computer for my training. The day I finally bought a laptop was the most thrilling moment of my life as a tech enthusiast. I whispered to myself, "The time has arrived."

I signed up for data analysis course at Instincthub Tech diversity 4.0 in 2024 After obtaining my own laptop, I enrolled in a Data Analysis course at Tech Diversity 4.0 in 2024 . I successfully completed the pre-assessment test and now eagerly await the start of the training to join the fantastic group of learners and instructors at Instincthub. Don't feel like it's too late to embark on your career journey.

Sign up now for free training Here

Available courses: Data Analysis, Cyber Security, UI/UX Design, Frontend beginner, Frontend intermediate, Backend Development.

Stay tuned for the next installment... Part 2 is on its way! • Having your personal computer is essential for succeeding in a tech-related career

• Learn the steps to purchasing a genuine laptop independently, without any external help. 

• Explore tech courses that don't require you to already own a computer. 

• Strategies to manage high data costs while browsing in Nigeria.

• Uncover the story of how I landed a writing position at Instincthub with the help of Noah Olatoye.

• Find out more about the CEO of Instincthub.

A tech career with instinctHub

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