From Ordinary to Extraordinary My Experience with InstinctHub Bootcamp
Mutiat Adepoju

Mutiat Adepoju


From Ordinary to Extraordinary My Experience with InstinctHub Bootcamp

Embarking on a quest for deeper JavaScript knowledge, I found myself at InstinctHub - an online tech school nestled in the vibrant tech landscape of Lagos. This gem of an institution not only imparts tech skills to adults but also opens the doors of knowledge to aspiring young minds.

My journey began with a three-month boot camp, and as I navigated through the intricacies of web development, I realized the need for a more profound understanding of JavaScript. Enter InstinctHub, with its promise of not just learning, but a learning experience tailored to my schedule.

The application process was seamless - a few clicks, a challenging exam, and voila, I secured a spot in Cohort 3.1. The flexible timetable was a breath of fresh air. Every Monday, a new task awaited, keeping me engaged and accountable throughout the program.

What set InstinctHub apart was the personal touch. Weekly check-in calls with our mentor provided a sense of community, making the learning journey all the more enjoyable. The fear I harbored for JavaScript dissipated as the weeks unfolded, thanks to the well-structured curriculum and dedicated mentors.

The pinnacle of the program was the final project, a formidable challenge that tested my newfound skills. Despite the hurdles, completing the project was a triumph, and I graduated from InstinctHub with a sense of accomplishment.

Now, as I reflect on my transformative journey, I'm excited to share that the first registration for Tech Diversity Cohort 4 at InstinctHub is open. Tech enthusiasts can explore various tracks such as Frontend Tech Diversity, Backend Development, Data Analysis, Graphic Design, Cybersecurity, UI/UX, and more. The best part? It's entirely free, and the mentors are unparalleled in their commitment to ensuring understanding.

To those eager to embrace the world of tech, I encourage you to register at: Enroll Now

Join me in experiencing the richness of tech education, guided by the best mentors in the field. Let's embark on this journey together!

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A tech career with instinctHub

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