Get Step-By-Step Guideline and Earn Yourself Job Opportunities


Get Step-By-Step Guideline and Earn Yourself Job Opportunities

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A few days back, we held a webinar themed, "Get Step-By-Step Guideline and Earn Yourself Job Opportunities." The guest speaker, Mr Matthew Ogisi, provided insights into how to search for new job opportunities and what you need to do to leverage the available options.  


1. The Best Digital Skills in 2021

The World is advancing fast, and we must improve ourselves by acquiring the relevant digital skills currently driving the World Economy. There are quite a number of these skills that can offer the best results; some of a few include UI/UX Design, Machine Learning, Data Science and Analytics, Python programming, Database Manage, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development/Design and a whole lot more.

These skills bring relevance and are in high demand in the Tech Industry, especially for employers. Having these skills puts an individual at the front -sight of job opportunities. There is a global digital skills gap already in existence, which has increased the demand and importance of these skills. In recent year, we at Instinct Hub have witnessed a surge in demand for our graphic design and Web Development Courses. 


2. The Opportunity Available

Learning these skills position you for the best and averagely well-paid jobs. The skills also allow you to take on tasks and get involved with the World's moving trends. We have taken out a few of the job opportunities available with digital skills.

Data Scientist

Median annual wage: ₦1,943,798

Software Developer

Median annual wage: ₦2,022,524

Web Developer/Designer

Median annual wage: ₦983,473

Graphic Designer

Median Annual wage: ₦610,419

Digital Marketer

Median Annual Wage: ₦1,224,759


The learn some of these skills, there is a need for proper foundation setting. For instance, to become a web designer, you can pursue either a two- or four-year degree in computer science or graphic design. You can also take up courses on online schools that offer them; Instinct Hub is a platform that some of these skills. 

You can also explore opportunities on a larger scale which include:

  • Freelancing, e.g. Fiverr
  • Full-time employment in Financial, Governmental and Private Companies
  • Remote work within and outside your country
  • You can choose to be your boss.


3. What makes Digital Skills so important

The advances in technologies have continued to provide new ways of working. Businesses and individuals that lack Digital Skills are left behind. We need to do more to ensure the digital skills gap doesn't become a crisis, and we can do this by imbibing the digital culture and acquiring the skills. 

  • As an employee, you would be relevant in your workplace with digital technologies and become more productive.
  • Learning and developing digital skills can set you up for good-paying jobs. As long as you excel at what you do, people would always require your services.
  • You may not like your current job at the moment, with a digital skill, you can think of a career change and do something you absolutely love. 
  • With digital skills, you can start your web design, digital marketing or content writing company. Who says you can't own your own web design company tomorrow. Other notable founders of top digital agencies in Nigeria started by learning as well.
  • Many of us have bills to pay, and one income source may not cover all our expenses. With digital skills, you can work as a freelancer for different organizations and still do your regular day job. 


4. Things you should never do

In the phase of learning these digital skills, you may be carried away and want to get involved with a lot of things (both the good and the bad); however, you should watch out and do right.  

  • Never focus on money when you learn. Focus on learning before earning.
  • Be focused. Don't hop from one skill to another; find a particular interest and chase after it. 
  • Give adequate time to mastering your craft. Study, ask questions, get a mentor.
  • Never use your acquired skill for a fraudulent purpose. Stay away from internet fraud.
  • When taking a course to learn a digital skill, don't rely solely on what is taught; look for ways to practice what you've learnt.


5. Say goodbye to loneliness while learning.

And finally, the journey will be difficult if you try this path by yourself alone; you need to belong to communities where they have like minds. For instance, if you want to learn to program, you need to belong to programming communities like Forloop Africa, Google Developers Group, Facebook Developers Circles, Figma Africa, DevCareer Community. 

The is no enacted rules that says you must belong to these groups. However, if you join them, you will see comments and reviews from experts and newbies like you. 

Our commitment at InstinctHub is to help you achieve success in your learning process and get a job afterwards. 

Please click here to have a virtual assessment on learning with an expert to know these skills.

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