How Technology Changed the way we Live
Tunde Osborne

Tunde Osborne


How Technology Changed the way we Live

Through centuries, a great impact and influence have been felt by humanity. This impact is the discovery of technology and the revolutionary changes it has made in our World consistently. It has created innumerable opportunities by providing endless resources that have practically changed the way things take place.

We see the workings of technology in our day-to-day activities, in homes, offices, healthcare, industrial workings, communication, entertainment and a whole lot more. It is almost impossible in the present developed world to go a day without coming in contact with any of the tools provided by technology.

The revolution of technology has taken us from Betamax to VHS to Blu-ray and recently to Virtual Reality (VR) which would become a rave that everyone will want to experience. The rate at which technology evolves is at a fast pace and it is fundamental to catch up with it, especially for countries and service providers who have more to gain when they utilize the extraordinary provisions from technology.

The simplification of activities by technological innovations can be seen in the provision of on-the-go services, easy access to information, significantly improved entertainment services, advanced communication tools, talent and innovations enchaining productivity. Technology has bridged the communication gap when in different locations or parts of the world. For many years, people communicated through postcards, telegrams, handwritten notes etc. but now, It has enhanced communication letting people can connect digitally with the through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and many other platforms. This has made it easier for job seekers to search for their ideal jobs, make applications for the jobs and even connect with their prospective employers and be interviewed without having to physically move from place to place.

One paramount way we can say technology has changed the world and the way we live is how we stay safe and secured. The IoT Safety devices, for example, the fall detection wearables are devices capable of pf knowing when someone falls. Once the sensors go off, caregivers of people with disabilities or aged are alerted through intercoms or mobile alerts. Smart security systems at home provide safety form invaders. People can now equip their homes with alarms and CCTV cameras that help detect and alert the presence of unwanted guests. These systems can be connected to apps on smartphones that can be accessed.

In healthcare, some of the significant changes made through technology can be seen in the digitalization of health records. The replacing of outdated paper records by Electronic Health Records has been a massive enhancement for everyone in the medical world. Technology has brought about greater patient care, improved public health in the provision of data for clinical researches for the advancement of medical knowledge and the development of treatments for common health problems, ease of workflow, lower healthcare costs, better and safer data storage with the cloud computer which allows for masses of information to be stored at an unbelievably low cost, and a lot more other ways by which technology has been a big addition the healthcare.

It can be agreed then that the discovery of technology has been of so much advantage to the world today with the changes identified above and a lot more. It can also be said that this same technology which has significantly brought growth can also be disadvantageous when used with the wrong motive. We can always think of the best ways to put the tools into positive use and bring about the best from what technology has to offer, and with this, we can see even more progress than we have ever imagined.

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