InstinctHub Learning Management System - LMS


InstinctHub Learning Management System - LMS

There is no doubt that Education is a key factor in the developing world today, and it is important to acquire knowledge within the walls of an institution. However, in the African continent, Education has seemed like a milestone which cannot be crossed by many and we can see this in the low level of uneducated and unemployed youth increased.

Learning can be said to be the process by which knowledge, understanding, behaviours, values, skills and attitudes are acquired. Education is seen to be obtained only within the walls of an institution, whereas, you could learn what you want outside the institution as long as you put your mind to it

One of the many ways to learn as we all know is through an online learning platform which sometimes are free or premium, self-paced or based on the module paced. The world is moving at a really fast pace and it has become important to learn skills that are taught outside the institutions in order for you to gain competitive advantage.

Recently, we launched the SAGI (Student Achievement Gap Initiative), with the aim of helping student across board to get a sense of their skill gap and present them the resources to partake in the digital evolution.  

Today we bring you another good news. We just launched a self paced learning that offers a range of learning activities, that would help individuals and group achieve your learning goals irrespective of their location. The learning platform is designed to be adaptive to learners needs, some of which is listed below: 

  • Friendly and easy to use interface
  • Mobile learning compatibility
  • 3. Social learning Capabilities
  • Self-Paced learning and a whole lot more


Our value proposition at InstinctHub is to create personalised education, and a renewed sense of purpose and help others achieve success. 

Visit to enrol. 


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