Living Beyond Emotions
Noah Olatoye

Noah Olatoye


Living Beyond Emotions

This might be a bit tough!

This little excerpt might help you to manage your emotion efficiently and focus on things that matter.

The two parts of the brain help us manage our emotions: when to fight back, persuade others, flee from distress, sympathise with others or seek favour from someone.

The amygdala and the frontal lobes (both located around the brain):

1. Amygdala

Amygdala - is our emergency trigger; it is what signal the brain about the intensity of what is happening around us, leaving the brain to decide, leaving the other part of the brain to respond accordingly.

2. Frontal lobes

Frontal lobes - performs the risk/benefits ratio and articulate the most suitable action to the brain. This process thinks about and cross-examines the situation.

Unfortunately, most people only use their amygdala (although it happens unintentionally). So in situations like this, you could say, "the person acted without thinking". I'm guilty of this as well.

Making good use of the frontal lobes takes constant and intentional practice. It would help if you made sure you don't act without considering the pros and cons in crucial moments.

Use your frontal lobes well if you want to know how to switch off disturbing emotions.

To know more about this subject, I recommend reading Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.

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