Product Design Curriculum


Product Design Curriculum

Product design is the process of creating and developing new products that meet the needs of users or consumers. It involves the entire lifecycle of a product, from conception to production and eventual disposal or recycling. The aim of product design is to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable products that solve problems and meet user needs.

Product designers work with a team of professionals, including engineers, marketers, and manufacturers, to ensure that the product is feasible and profitable. Product design requires various skills and knowledge, including research, prototyping, user experience design, material selection, manufacturing processes, and branding and marketing.

Students will learn about design for sustainability and ethical considerations and apply these principles going forward, where they will design and develop a product from start to finish.

Learning product design can be beneficial for several reasons, including developing creative problem-solving skills and building applications. It is a valuable skill for those interested in design, entrepreneurship, or innovation and can help individuals develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


  1. Laptop and internet access.
  2. Must be above the age of 15


  1. 12 - 24 weeks

Mode of classes:

  1. Hybrid


  1. N200k one off
  2. N105k in two instalments.

Expected value:

  1. Dedicated instructor.
  2. Full access to a learning management system.
  3. Reporting and tracking system.
  4. Access physical learning facility.
  5. Unlimited support.

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