Tech Diversity In Nigeria 3.0


Tech Diversity In Nigeria 3.0

The Nigerian economy is the largest in Africa and is characterized by a mix of modern and traditional industries. The country is rich in natural resources, including oil, natural gas, and solid minerals, which play a significant role in the economy.

Other important sectors of the Nigerian economy include agriculture, manufacturing, and services. Despite its wealth of natural resources and potential for economic growth, Nigeria has faced numerous challenges, and the country has struggled with economic instability and recurrent recession.

In 2022, the unemployment rate in Nigeria was estimated to reach 33 per cent. This figure was projected to be 32.5 per cent in the preceding year. However, chronological data show that the unemployment rate in Nigeria has risen constantly in the past years.

This leads to frustration among the citizens, which drives their interest in learning soft skills, such as digital skills, coding, and programming, for sustainable living.

The Big picture of unemployment in Nigeria

According to the World Bank, Nigeria has one of the highest mobile phone and internet usage rates in Africa, with over 191 million mobile phone subscriptions and over 87 million internet users.

There are also many technology-focused startups and companies operating in Nigeria, further driving the country's adoption and development of technology.

Where at Instincthub, We're building an ecosystem where young youth can access technology skills.

With technology skills, we can reformulate equality, so everyone has the right to pursue their purpose and goals.

Tech Diversity in Nigeria by instincthub

2021, we launched a program tagged Tech Diversity In Nigeria for Nigerians!

Our mission is to train 100,000 students each year and equip them with employable technology skills before they graduate through personalized learning solutions.

We commenced with a test run in 2021, and last year 2022, we were able to train over 500 students for various institutions across Nigeria, which include the University of Ilorin, Bayero university kano, First Technical university Ibadan, University of Lagos, Federal University of Technology Minna, Federal University of Technology Owerri among others.

Participant Benefits

We're excited to announce another edition of the program tagged TECH DIVERSITY 3.0. This edition aims to train individuals from different levels, students, youth corps members and graduates with tech skills to stand out.

Below are some benefits participants will gain by being part of this program. All successfully screened candidates will be equipped with web development skills(Beginner and Intermediate), Data analytics, and product design. Participants will learn to think critically, solve problems creatively, and express their ideas in captivating ways. They will have a branded portfolio to showcase their new skills, Exposure to new ways of thinking, and employment opportunities.

Program Duration

The program is designed to last twelve weeks; participants would get practical training in the high-demanding tech skills mentioned above.

In three months, participants will be drilled to achieve success.

The most fantastic part of the program is that you don't have to leave anything you're currently into to take part; just a commitment of about 7-8 hours every week will take you through the ladder.

Students will get complete access to our learning management system, community support and mentorship through the programme.

These skills will set every committed learner free from the unemployment burden.

Please don't keep this information to yourself alone; share it with people in your network that need this opportunity.

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