Why choose to code it over automated Apps?
Noah Olatoye

Noah Olatoye


Why choose to code it over automated Apps?

Indeed, plenty of what we do daily can be done with many native apps, especially data analytics folks who often use products like Excel or Google Sheets.

Those Apps work well except for one thing: you must stick to the rules.

Here are reasons you should consider choosing code over prebuilt Apps.

1. Coding is More Powerful

It's possible to explore more complex analyses simply by coding repetitive areas.

2. Code It If The Data Is Big

You get more speed! You can interact with BigData sets with much more speed and stability when you code them.

3. Code It When You Have Multiple Files

With logic, you can multitask the machine in real-time. For example, you can turn what used to be a week-long synthesis and analysis task into a task that takes just a few minutes.

4. Coding is More Repeatable

Implement it once, and use it continuously. Then, once you've written the code to carry out a task from a particular source, it will work for similar scenarios with the same format.

5. Coding is More Transparent

For instance, while you perform complex calculations in spreadsheet software, in most cases, those calculations are usually hidden in cells. Transferring such a file to someone else's could take a while to figure out what's happening. Such a person can see all the datasets in a spreadsheet; however, the operations and calculations execution on it is something you usually have to search for cell by cell.

As for coding, things happen differently. Most of the data is not visible, but all the executed functions and calculations are apparent.

6. Accessing Data is Easier With Code

With coding, you don't always have to load data manually; you can automatically get data from any source.

To get the best, you need coding to interact with many possible layers of the internet. Many apps and services only support the usage of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to access their data. You need coding skills to do this, which leads to the final point.

7. Coding is More Fun

Perhaps you've never considered yourself a programmer; reading this piece to the end, I believe you've seen the importance of coding.

Writing code can be frustrating at times. However, the satisfying feeling cannot be described anytime you get something working. Coding helps save time and create a significant impact.

Visit our course library to get started. We will help you bring your coding dream to life so you can begin to make tremendous impacts.

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