Call For Campus Lead

InstinctHub is looking for a Campus Lead to help us connect with and better serve the diversity in tech.

What are the eligibility criteria for becoming InstinctHub Campus lead?

-You must be enrolled in a program at a college or university.

-You must be a current student in the

Being InstinctHub Campus lead, You'll Be Responsible For

-Making a robust technical community in your college.

-Make strong core team members with technical expertise and experience for your community. The members must be from your college.

-To increase the awareness about InstinctHub products and technologies among peers.

-A meetup event should be hosted ideally once a month or at least every three months.

-Mobilize students for the annual tech diversity program

-Benefits of Being a Campus Lead

-Access to InstinctHub resources and opportunities for free.

-Chance to grow a professional and personal network.

-Lead a community under direct mentorship from InstinctHub.

To Apply, Click Here

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