Flubot - The Virus Every Android User Should Watch Out For.

What is Flubot Virus? 

FluBot is a malicious software targeting Android smartphones users. Cybercriminals use text messages carrying a piece of the malware, according to the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). NCSC warns that the malware is installed after the victims receive a text message that notifies them to install a package tracking app because of a missed package delivery. In reality, the tracking app is malware. 

What does FluBot Malware do? 

Once the malware is installed, the first thing it does is gain permission access to your phone, then start stealing personal information, credentials and banking information, e.g. credit card details, etc.  

What are the symptoms you will notice when the phone FluBot malware?

You will notice that:

  1. The device is running slow.
  2. System settings are modified without the owners' permission. 
  3. Dubious applications appear.
  4. Data and battery usage is increased significantly.
  5. Browsers redirect to bogus websites. 
  6. Intrusive advertisements are delivered.
  7. Monetary loss.
  8. Problems with online privacy.
  9. Stolen personal accounts. 


History of FluBot? 

These types of Smishing, i.e. SMS Phishing attacks, has been relatively high in the past few years. It started as a fake FedEx website targeting Android users in Germany, Hungary, and Poland. It has now moved into other European countries with the likelihood of targeting the United States next. 

How to avoid FluBot Malware? 

It is a popular saying that "prevention is better than cure", so I'll be sharing some tips on avoiding the Flubot virus. 

  1. Download software from official apps stores, e.g. Google play store, Apple store, etc. Don't use other third-party sources or unofficial pages.
  2. Irrelevant emails with attachments should be ignored and not be trusted.
  3. Installed apps must be activated and updated using tools from the official developer.
  4. Lastly, your device should have reputable antivirus software. 


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