How to become a Logic Guru in Programming

When it comes to writing quality code, three significant aspects are crucial to becoming a guru (expert) in the field. 

First, you need to understand the fundamental structure of the internet, how the machines work and communicate—the human interactions with them and how they can be fully utilised.

Secondly, you will need to know your preferred programming syntax and methodology (or at least know where to get resources when the need arises). 

Thirdly, you need to know how to communicate business logic. This is very important! Businesses want to solve problems with technology, and as a result, they will always look for software engineers who can translate those operational logics into machine code. This post will focus on the third option (writing quality code for business logic). 

Alright, let us dive into it. 


1. Think to solve the problem

Thinking of individuals and business owners, they are known for solving problems. However, those who fail to deliver their promise to their customers end up collapsing. 

We're in the age of consumerism; government and policymakers are likely to hunt businesses that fail to meet customers need. Still in the middle of all these, business owners also want to make more money. 

This should give you a realistic perspective as a programmer. Let your focus be on solving problems no matter how complex they might seem. 

I will say, problem-solving give birth to unimaginable solutions (it uncover lots of potentials). For instance, if you wish to solve a transportation problem in your community. 

Perhaps you don't like how people queue up for tickets. You don't like how the ticket attenders insult and embarrass people (vice versa). 

At the beginning of these imaginations, it won't be easy (probably not possible) to envision all the potential until you start implementation. In summary, there's a lot you can gain in problem-solving. 

Just make sure you focus on solving problems. 


2. Practice, Practice and Practice 

Coding is not easy; you have to practice! I can say this over and over. To become better at it, you need to practice a lot. 

Programming or instructing the machine can be tricky, especially when it comes to writing business logic. 

If you want to become good at coding business logic, you need to keep learning. Never for once stop! Cos if you do stop learning and practising, you are aiming to become old fashion. 

Learn about new terms. Don't be bias about new technologies. Always examine what you can do with them (either now or in future). 


3. Learn Data Science and Algorithm 

There won't be technology solutions without data. Most people consider data now as the current oil money. So whatever solution you are trying to build, you need data to drive it. 

For any application to run successfully, human or machine-generated data will always be needed.

Learning data structure will help you make more sense of information. In addition, it will guide your decision making, especially when writing your algorithm. 

If you want your application to perform an intelligent task, learn data science and the most effective ways to structure data in your next project. 


4. Assume you are a genius 

As a programmer, you have one of the most challenging jobs in the world. As a result, give yourself credit. 

It is not easy to be a programmer (it's never easy communicating with the machines, especially when we're not aliens). 

Programming knowledge is a skill you should be proud of; thank God for giving you the ability to learn and keep the positive vibe to become better.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or contributions. 

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