Introducing Students Scoreboard

Another update! 

To create a competitive and engaging learning environment, we introduce "Scoreboard" where students will see their success level and other students. 


How the students Scoreboard works:

  • With Scoreboard, each student has a competitive advantage to become one of the top 3 learners from our platform globally. 
  • The scorecard algorithm aggregates students' commitment and completion of all steps required in a course and automatically updates the users point each time the user completes a stage. 
  • When a student gets more points, the student automatically proceeds above students with lower points. 


How the Scoreboard will help students achieve success:

  • Students who are within the top 50 have higher chances of getting employment opportunities and recommendations.
  • Employers can verify your skills proficiency with less doubt. 
  • It doesn't require so much to make it to the top. Once you are committed, you will get there. 
  • Prospective employers can see a list of projects and steps you've completed on the platform.


One thing to note, while getting more points makes a lot of sense, most especially with the indication of good track records, we recommend you take the practical aspect of the course seriously. In other words,  know how to solve the problem with your skills. 


Check who is leading on the Scoreboard.

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Array Ntia 2 months, 2 weeks ago

It was an excellent moment learning from the hands of a professional through the InstinctHub platform. I have gained so much knowledge from Tech that have taken me level higher and better from the beginner stage I was months back. All thanks to the Instructor for this Great Job.

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