Learning Management System v1.3.0

We are pleased to announce InstinctHub Learning Management Web Application v1.3.0. The App comes with many features tailored to suit learners and help them to achieve their learning experience. 

In the previous updates released on 19th August 2021 (v1.2.0), students could track their step completion, view the points gained and adjust their schedules to meet deadlines. 

More intuitive features are still coming. Meanwhile, let us talk about what we just added in v1.3.0. 


1. User Profile

Students can now share their profiles with friends, colleagues and employers. In other words, students now have all their achievements summarised in a single unique page that can be shared with anyone over the internet. 

To access this, the user needs to include their username on the URL path after the skills.instincthub.com domain (e.g., skills.instincthub.com/opeyemi). 

Another means of getting a user profile is by visiting the Scoreboard. by clicking on any of the students listed, you will be able to see their profiles. 

Finally, on the user profile, we also added a feature that allows each student to edit their profiles on their profile dashboard. 


2. Custom Navigation

As the App gets more extensive, we always need to figure out an easy way to navigate these features.

Alongside the primary menu option, we added a user avatar; users can see options for their custom settings. 


2. Payment Integration

We also added a payment option to the learning App. As more premium courses popping on the App every week, it is even more accessible for students to enrol in the premium. 

For secure transactions, we integrated the Flutterwave payment webhook. As a result, premium members now can subscribe, cancel or reactivate their subscription at any given time (see plan page). 


3. Track and Units

The idea with the tracks and units is to do the course sorting for students and allow the learners to focus on just learning. 

The track collection will enable students to learn from a group that will equip them to become an outstanding stack in any specified discipline (frontend engineer, backend engineer, data scientist etc.)


4. Grading Project 

Grading students is one of our primary requirements. Therefore, adding project grading to the App is a massive milestone for the entire team. 

With the feature, students can view projects attached to courses, check for the project requirements and will be able to submit when the task linked to each course is completed.

The remarkable aspect of this implementation is the review process; instructors can review students submissions and provide feedback. 

We also implemented email automation; students will get emails whenever feedback is provided.



InstinctHub advocates and aims to help these students develop skills and technical knowledge to earn a living and create direct and indirect employment for others. 

We will keep driving this initiative with technology. 

For more enquiries, please email us at skills@instincthub.com


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