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Plagiarism Declaration

  1. I am fully aware of the gravity of plagiarism and its implications. Plagiarism involves presenting someone else's work as my own, and I unequivocally understand that such actions are unethical and unacceptable.

  2. I hereby affirm that the content of this assignment is entirely my original creation. I have diligently produced this work and have not sought or permitted any form of unauthorized collaboration. I am committed to upholding the integrity of my efforts and to maintaining the principle of academic honesty.

  3. I acknowledge that copying, reproducing, or adapting the work of others without appropriate acknowledgment is a breach of academic integrity. Thus, I solemnly declare that I have not incorporated any content from external sources without proper attribution.

  4. I understand that the use of pre-existing online templates, themes, or solutions, including but not limited to bootstrap templates, themes, or any readily available creations, may lead to allegations of plagiarism. As a result, I pledge not to employ such materials as direct submissions for my work.

  5. I acknowledge that while drawing inspiration from online examples for my project is permissible, I am committed to implementing such inspiration in an original manner. I assure that I will not engage in verbatim copying, pasting, or any form of content duplication.

  6. I am well-informed that any violation of these principles may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the established Terms and Conditions for Students. In line with my dedication to academic integrity, I hereby reiterate my commitment to producing original, thoughtful work in fulfilment of the requirements set forth by the educational institution.

  7. By using this platform, I affirm my understanding of plagiarism and my dedication to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in my academic pursuits.

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