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Remote Work Policy

At InstinctHub, we are committed to supporting our employees in their work and personal lives. We understand that working remotely can be an attractive option for many employees, providing greater flexibility and work-life balance. To ensure a successful and productive remote work experience, we have established the following Remote Work Policy.

  1. Eligibility: Employees may be eligible to work remotely, subject to the approval of their supervisor and meeting any additional eligibility requirements.

  2. Work Location: Employees who work remotely must establish a suitable and safe work location. The location must be free from distractions, meet the necessary technical requirements, and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

  3. Equipment and Supplies: Employees who work remotely are responsible for providing their own equipment, including a computer, phone, and any necessary software. InstinctHub will provide necessary supplies, such as office furniture and stationery, if appropriate.

  4. Communication and Availability: Employees who work remotely are required to maintain regular communication with their supervisor and coworkers. They must be available during normal business hours and must respond to emails and phone calls promptly.

  5. Data Security: Employees who work remotely must take appropriate measures to protect company data and ensure that sensitive information is kept confidential. This includes the use of secure connections, secure storage, and regular backups.

  6. Time and Attendance: Employees who work remotely are required to follow the same policies and procedures as office-based employees regarding time and attendance. This includes maintaining accurate records of their working hours, taking breaks and lunches as required, and notifying their supervisor of any absences.

  7. Performance: Employees who work remotely are expected to meet the same performance standards as office-based employees. They must complete their work on time and to the required standard and communicate regularly with their supervisor and coworkers.

  8. Changes to Remote Work Arrangements: Remote work arrangements may be changed or terminated by mutual agreement between the employee and their supervisor.

By working remotely at InstinctHub, employees agree to abide by this Remote Work Policy. Please contact your supervisor or the human resources department if you have any questions or concerns.