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UX design with weireframming

Starting a career in User Experience (UX) Design

Starting a career in User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience Design (UX) is an act or a process of creating interface and connections for an application or a website.

It is a career path that involves various academic background. UX design also requires one to be a part visual designer, part social psychologist, a little bit of a developer, and a hint of a project manager, also with the ability experiment design thinking particularly for those whom you are designing for.

It is difficult to find anyone with every skill or talent in his or her bag of tricks that are needed. One common thing is to find someone with a unique talent. In summary, don’t be worry if you know how to do so many things. Just make sure you get good at that one thing. 

Whether you are looking to become a professional UX designer or you can’t find one and just need to get the job done, the principles and processes discussed in this live chat will help you get started.

Important Note: 

  • User experience design is the act of finding answers to visual and logical questions
  • The design process defines the order in which the questions need to be asked 
  • Design techniques offer a methodology to answer the questions you are asking 

What this tutorial covers: 

  • Design Process 
  • Significance of user research in the design process

What you need

No design experience is required. However, having experience in design or knowing how to use wireframing application will be extremely helpful. 

Our focus is not on any particular application. Rather, we will focus on the UX main design concepts that will be applicable to any of the available applications. 

Desktop applications such as Axure, Omnigraffle, and Visio are commonly used by design professionals. Many web-based wireframing applications can be used. Some of these include Balsamiq, Moqups, UXPin, HotGloo, and QuirckTools. 

Who are these tips for?

These tips are for you if you are interested in learning the basics of the design process or want to pursue a career in user experience design.

What is Wireframe?  

A wireframe is a simple way of describing a design. It’s the graphic representation of an app or a website containing the most essential elements and the content. Wireframing is a simple way of illustrating your ideas with pen and paper or through online tools. 


A mockup is a visual way of describing a product. Mockups show the way the product will look and what to visually expect.


A prototype is often meant to simulate user interaction. Unlike the previous two, a prototype is clickable and thus allows the user to experience content and interactions in the interface. A prototype is very much like the final product itself.


There are so many online tools that can help you. Just make sure you understanding the basic principles. It is worth noting that, it will pay off in the long run when you understand the fundamentals of design. 

Good design creates experiences that make people’s lives easier and is also aesthetically pleasing. 

To understand how to create well-designed websites, it is worth understanding the fundamentals of UX design. 

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