Taking the Big Steps - Achieving Your True Goal

Looking at all the chaos around us, there are many reasons to be pressured. Individuals, groups, companies and governments respond to these abnormalities in various ways. Unfortunately, this has become our reality.

In a real sense, the inconsistencies make it even more challenging to take a particular decision in our day-to-day life. In this post, I will be giving you four tips on how to keep pushing and ways to achieve your goals.

1. Maintaining your relevance.

Some years ago, I used to work at a printing press in Area 10 Abuja, Nigeria.

For many people who know me, I love creative design; even before I became a technology enthusiast, innovative design was my first obsession.

Every day, I could have over ten individuals queuing for me to make their designs back then.

Seriously, it was fun seeing people getting value from things I create each day.

Not until one morning that I started feeling uncomfortable and scared that my relevance may not last long.

This fear won't leave me alone!

I started thinking, what can one do to become relevant and succeed?

Only one answer came into mind; continuous learning!

These two words have kept me afloat to date.

To maintain your relevance or become relevant, one needs to become a lifelong learner.

Whenever you feel too comfortable with a position, remember it's a sign you need to move to the next step of the ladder.

There's always a step ahead.

2. Seek efficiency in what you do

At first, when you start learning new skills, your primary goal will be to make things work.

As you improve, you will be more interested in a more efficient way of doing things.

For instance, in software development, efficiency is critical; you can get this through proper planning in mapping out crucial steps. For example, simple signup could have lots of verification processes.

The same goes for every field; when you plan out things, you will likely avoid some roadblocks and address them before you start implementation.

Before you start building, plan it out!

3. Invest for the future.

The only way you can have enough money legitly to buy what you need is to make more money and save some.

If you don't do these two things, whatever you are looking to buy will be a mere dream you thought would come through.

When I wanted to buy my first laptop with high specifications back then (more than a decade ago), like many other people, I purchased a piggy bank, and I started saving some of my earnings.

For some, this approach may work, and for others, there isn't just enough income to pay bills making saving even more difficult.

The most significant investment is investing in oneself.

There are many possibilities when you do that; when you're upskilled, you stand a chance to earn more and save.

Invest in yourself by learning new skills! The outcome is rewarding.

4. Three sets of people you need:

You need help, not just in your ability alone, to meet your goal. You need other people to help you see things you are not seeing.

You need lots of feedback, here are three sets of people you need.

  • The Critics: for anything to be better, it has to go through different phases of reviews, critics and lots of talk down. The more you get comfortable with receiving critics and feedback, and your ability to filter the relevant is a valuable skill that can bring lots of good fruits.
  • The Cincere: As critics may sound unpleasing, some people know how to point out natural floors. Having people who can always tell you the truth regardless of the circumstance is a treasure.
  • The motivator: To handle options one and two, you need these sets of people a lot. Motivators always give you reasons to keep pushing and never back down.

PS: While it is easy to be at the receiving end, it is essential to note that some people in our circles also need us to be honest with them, provide feedback, and be the source of their motivation.

In wrapping things up, you must constantly evaluate your process and look for better ways of doing things; these thoughts alone can lead you to learn the most valuable skills.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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