Tech Diversity in Nigeria 2022

Tech Diversity in Nigeria 2022 (TDN22)

Nigeria is the most significant economic and most populous country in Africa. Nigeria is also considered home to Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa.

Dangote's business interests in agriculture, banking, cement, manufacturing, salt and sugar have earned his net worth of more than $20 billion.

Despite the above, we still face insecurity, Inadequate health facilities and poverty, among others.

The Big Unemployment Problem in Nigeria

The increasing unemployment rate is the most unbearable situation in Nigeria and other African countries.

A current report on the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics website recorded the youth unemployment rate at 33% of about 210.87 million.

Mathematically 66.587 million are currently idle without a job; even with these, there's still a long queue at jamb centres, with more than 500,000 graduates from the universities annually to face off unavailable jobs.

In addition to individual interest, these are two factors driving many people into learning digital skills, coding or programming, especially to explore its many possibilities.

But unfortunately, the educational system can still not provide a solution for this.

Tech Diversity in Nigeria by InstinctHub

Since the adoption of technology, there has been an increase in young people hoping to integrate into the global tech ecosystem.

Where at InstinctHub, we launched Student Achievement Gap Initiative (SAGI) to help us identify the issues hindering students from obtaining the right digital skills and accessing economic opportunities while still in school.

We're building an ecosystem where young youth can access technology skills.

We believe with technology skills, and we can reformulate equality, so everyone has the right to pursue their purpose and goals.

Last year we launched a program tagged Tech Diversity In Nigeria for Nigerians!

Our mission is to train 100,000 students each year and equip them with employable technology skills before they graduate through personalised learning solutions.

We commenced with a test run in 2021. We trained over 300 students from two Nigerian universities (Bowen and Bayero University). The top 7 outstanding students get a directly paid internship from Sterling Bank.

Benefits of Tech Diversity in Nigeria 2022 (TDN22)

We're here again with another edition of the Tech Diversity In Nigeria 2022; this time around, we aim to train individuals from different levels, students, youth corps members and graduates with tech skills to stand out.

Below are some benefits participants will gain by being part of this program. All successfully screened candidates will be equipped with web development skills. Learn how to think critically, creatively solve problems, and express their ideas in captivating ways They will have a branded portfolio to showcase their new skills Exposure to new ways of thinking Opportunities to employment The top 5 participants at the end of the program will get a directly paid internship from InstinctHub

How this year's programme will run

The program is designed to last twelve weeks; participants would get practical training in high-demanding tech skills in web development (Front-End and Back-End Development).

In three months, participants will be drilled to achieve success.

The most fantastic part of the program is that you don't have to leave anything you're currently into to take part; just a commitment of about 7-8hours every week will take you through the ladder.

Students will get complete access to our learning management system (skills.instincthub.com), community support and a mentorship through the programme.

These skills will set every committed learner free from the unemployment burden.

Please don't keep this information to yourself alone; share it with people in your network that need this opportunity.

Visit: Tech Diversity in Nigeria to get more overview

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David TOLUYEMI 3 months ago

I'm interested.. please how can I be part of this?

David TOLUYEMI 3 months ago

I'm interested.. please how can I be part of this?

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