The Tech Academy Debut Experience

We did a thing!

Constantly talking about tech or, in this case, using software without actually establishing its necessity personally doesn't get you desired results. So when we say the benefits of tech are widespread, we have an exhibit as proof: our Partnership with Sterling Bank's Tech Academy.

InstinctHub, with sponsorship from Sterling Bank, invested in human capital, which would help transform, for the better, customer's user experience by using tech as the driver. Furthermore, this training aimed to educate non-IT staff on coding skills, enabling them to secure a job in the coding line.

The curriculum used for the training was frontend Web development, the software used was the InstinctHub Learning management system (skills.instincthub.com) and the concepts covered were

  • Design Thinking
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript (beginner)

The core benefit of using these programming languages is to promote logical thinking and help students build functional applications that will impact user experience immensely.

Being a hybrid program, it spread across 12 weeks; the first and last weeks were physical, while the other weeks were mixed. Understanding that the students may be required to work with other developers, a grouping system was adopted to help them work in teams, building collaborative skills alongside their core learning.

During the program, the students could optimise their functions by upgrading their multitasking skills. To achieve this, the different courses were broken down into weekly deliverables, helping students to combine their office work and learning experiences simultaneously.

Building solutions they never thought were possible was the outcome we had hoped for. Most of them created technology that will address some manual tasks in their bank.

In areas of difficulty, we accommodated feedback and addressed all queries appropriately to reduce errors, as this was a learning process. As a result, over 12 weeks, the students were able to build the following projects.

  1. Paperless Banking
  2. Loan calculator.
  3. Customer Dispute Automation
  4. Automation of loan request
  5. Bank Draft Tracker
  6. CRM Support Automation
  7. Account Opening Checklist Automation

See students' reviews.

The use of technology to optimise working experience or give solutions to a recurring situation is what we focused on during this training. Every learning moment was worth it, and we can't wait to do this again.

Investing in employees comes with lots of benefits. Making it more comfortable for employees to do their work and promoting an environment of creativity, collaboration and empowerment have a direct benefit: It can improve business performance and profit.

Looking forward to upskilling your staff, email us at skills@instincthub.com or call us +234 816 288 0409

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