Why did David get stabbed?

Interesting story for you today.

A fight between a teacher and a student in the US got to the court for a hearing.

David Pologruto, a high school physics teacher, was stabbed by one of his students with a kitchen knife after a bit of argument. You will tell me who is at fault at the end.

Jason Haffizulla. is a brilliant kid with straight-A records (getting the best results in all examinations) at Coral Springs School in Florida. Jason was so keen on getting into medical school. But, not just any school, he dreamt of gaining admission into Harvard.

Jason had just finished a test on this faithful day, and the teacher scored him 80 on the quiz. As a grade A student, Jason felt embarrassed, angry and believed the teacher wanted to jeopardise his career. As a result, he brought a kitchen to the school the next day.

Getting to school, he confronted his teacher (at the front of the lab). It didn't take long before Jason brought out the knife and stabbed the teacher in the collarbone before being subdued by other students.

The teacher took the matter to court!

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What the jury decided.

Wrapping up the story of Jason H., who stabbed his school teacher, he pleaded not guilty in the law court.

Before the jury, Jason claimed he had been planning to commit suicide since he got the test score. And only went to the teacher to express the difficulty he was facing; he was going to harm himself. The teacher, on the other hand, has a different narration.

He claimed Jason was utterly aware of his action to hurt him with the knife he brought from home just because he wasn't satisfied with the bad grade.

The judge found Jason innocent!

An expert hired by the defence testified that the wound near Pologruto's collarbone was consistent with Jason's assertion. But Pologruto testified that the student had lunged at him from behind the physics lab. As a result, he had to wrestle the knife from the student to avoid being more severely injured.

Five psychologists and psychiatrists appointed by the prosecution and defence agreed that Jason was psychotic at the time of the stabbing.

Jason changed his school to the American Heritage School. He took fewer courses but continued taking advanced courses, raising his grade point average to 4.614. Perfect scores in regular classes would result in a 4.0 average.

To date, Pologruto still struggles to make sense of what happened. In 1992, the story was published in New York Times.

"Jason never even admitted that he did anything," he said. "The only thing he said was, 'I'm sorry you got hurt in my suicide attempt.' "

The question is, how could someone this intelligent do something so horrible? It doesn't make sense, really!

Academy intellect has little to do with our emotions.

The reason you would see someone in a luxury car with a clean dress; the next moment, the person is out of the car, pulling off their shoes to fight with someone who almost bashed their vehicle on the highway.

Next time you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, don't act out of anger alone; let your brain's rational (frontal lobe) and irrational (amygdala) parts communicate. When these two partners effectively communicate, emotional intelligence rises.

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