Why Your Developer Would Leave Your Business Without Thinking About It

It's now the norm of the day for a developer to leave businesses, most especially startups. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to find excellent developers, and it is more challenging to keep them when you finally see them. 

Developers are affected by factors both outside and inside the business. Here are the most common reasons developers leave a job. 

  • They are not making a difference. 

Something about intelligent people is that they like making a difference. When developers realize that the products or features they're creating are not being used or not valued by people, they become demotivated. Things like this can make them leave your company and move to another company to make a difference. 

  • They aren't inspired. 

Good developers will surely leave when they are not inspired, or there is a lack of clear purpose. So you have to keep them excited by a vision that has a clear purpose and be sure they won't leave, provided you're paying them well and treating them with respect. 

  • They feel stifled creatively. 

Developers will leave if they feel stifled when there is no innovation within overly rigid development practice. On the other hand, developers thrive in open spaces that allow their creativity to flourish. 

  • They don't feel valued or recognized.

Good developers will leave when they are not valued or appreciated. The need to feel the psychological ownership of our work helps us to give our best. It will help if you involve employees in setting goals, allowing them to choose how to tackle problems.

  • There are no opportunities for personal development. 

Developers are very keen on personal development. When there are no new projects that would make developers search for more knowledge, it becomes a reason for them to quit. 



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