Gift Someone a Digital Skill


Gift Someone a Digital Skill

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We are in the world of training where people who need it cannot afford it.

When someone keeps seeking for your financial support, or when it is obvious to you they need help, what will you do?

1. Give what you have and hope they never come back again? 

2. Ignore and tell the person you don't have?

3. Figure out how they can become sustainable; something that can give them consistent income? 

Which of these would you choose? 

If you chose the first two options, there is a high probability they will come back again or remain in their state of needs. 

The 3rd option happens to be the best gift you can ever hand to anyone. 

With a digital skill, you can give them a voice to be self-reliance; an opportunity to help them achieve success!

In this season of love, help someone close to you find a lasting solution to their financial difficulty. 

The help that will make such persons never forget your impact signature in their lives. 

And if you happen to be the person in need of this skill, it is not a bad idea to gift yourself the skill. 

Within 8 weeks of training, we will empower such persons with two options: 

- They either start a fulltime job in the tech industry or become a freelancer. 

Digital Skills To Gift Someone: 


- Illustrator 

- Photoshop

- InDesign




- JavaScript

- React


- Design Principles

- Design Thinking

- Project Portfolio

Distance is not a barrier; the courses are 100% online with dedicated instructors. 

Still in the spirit of love. 

- Get a 10% discount for any of the courses. 

Offer last till 14th February 2021

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