Summer Coding Class '24 Problem-Solving Challenge!
Toheeb Adisa

Toheeb Adisa


Summer Coding Class '24 Problem-Solving Challenge!

Are you ready to spark your child’s problem-solving skills and get them excited about learning? Look no further! Our Summer Coding Class '24 is not just about coding; it’s about nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and innovative solutions to everyday challenges. To kick off this amazing journey, we’re thrilled to announce our Problem-Solving Challenge, where your child can showcase their skills and win a FREE registration for our Summer Coding Class!

Why Problem-Solving Skills Matter

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, problem-solving skills are more important than ever. They equip children with the ability to think critically, overcome obstacles, and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. By participating in this challenge, your child will not only have fun but also enhance their cognitive abilities and gain valuable skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Challenge Options

We have designed five engaging challenges that cater to different interests and abilities. Choose the one that best suits your child’s passion and let them shine!

  1. Riddle Solving Challenge
    • What to Do: Solve a series of fun riddles and explain your thought process.
    • Why It’s Great: This challenge encourages logical thinking and sharpens the mind.
  2. Build a Bridge Challenge
    • What to Do: Design and build a small bridge using materials like straws or Lego, and explain your design choices.
    • Why It’s Great: This hands-on activity fosters creativity, engineering skills, and spatial awareness.
  3. Math Puzzle Challenge
    • What to Do: Solve math puzzles or brain teasers and describe how you solved them.
    • Why It’s Great: This challenge enhances numerical skills and logical reasoning.
  4. Escape Room Challenge
    • What to Do: Create a simple escape room scenario at home with clues and puzzles, and record your problem-solving journey.
    • Why It’s Great: This activity promotes teamwork, strategic thinking, and creativity.
  5. Environmental Challenge
    • What to Do: Come up with a plan to solve an environmental problem at home and present your solution.
    • Why It’s Great: This challenge raises awareness about environmental issues and encourages innovative thinking.

How to Participate

Participation is easy and fun! Follow these simple steps to enter the challenge:

  1. Record Your 3-Minute Video
    • Capture your child completing one of the challenges. Ensure the video clearly shows their process and thought patterns.
  2. Post and Tag Us
    • Share the video on your preferred social media platform. Make sure to tag our official account so we can see your entry!
  3. Follow Us
    • Ensure you are following our social media accounts to stay updated and be eligible for the prize.
  4. Win Exciting Prizes
    • The most creative and impressive entry will win a FREE registration for our Summer Coding Class '24!

Tips for a Great Entry

  • Be Clear: Make sure your child explains their thought process and how they arrived at their solution.
  • Be Creative: Use interesting materials, and unique problem-solving methods, and show off their personality!
  • Be Engaging: Make the video fun to watch. Excitement and enthusiasm can go a long way!

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: All entries must be submitted before Fri 19th July 2024.
  • Winner Announcement: We will announce the winner on Mon 22nd July 2024.

Join the Fun and Learn!

This challenge is a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn and grow while having a blast. Encourage them to think outside the box, get creative, and most importantly, have fun! We can’t wait to see the amazing solutions your children come up with and welcome the winner to our Summer Coding Class '24.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, start the challenge, and let your child’s problem-solving journey begin!

Show us your problem-solving skills and have fun!

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