Why I Quit Learning Javascript
Noah Olatoye

Noah Olatoye


Why I Quit Learning Javascript

If javascript is the heartbeat of web development, why is that difficult to learn?

The moment you decide to learn how the language works, it is always as if you are about to be murdered by its functionalities.

To successfully learn how Javascript works, you will have to learn about Javascript Promises, Synchronous and Asynchronous, Closure etc...

In that moment of difficulty, I almost lost confidence in myself. When I hear people call themselves Frontend Developers, I dare not even try to address myself like that because I knew I was not in a good relationship with Javascript just yet.

After learning for two years and wasn't making any sense out of it, I quit! I was like, "since I'm not seeing progress, it is better I do something else."

If I dumped Javascript after learning it for two years, how come am I good at it now? In this article, I will explain to you in detail how you can learn any programming language regardless of how complex such language could be.

The Admission: Programming languages are difficult to learn.

I know the community has tagged some programming languages as complicated and some as easy (this is a controversial topic, but let us don't get into that).

The point here is that it can be really complicated for someone who isn't used to the programming language. Admitting that programming language is complex gives you more leverage to be patient and learn.

The mistakes most people make is that they believe things will be easy; as a result, their expectations are complex. When these expectations are not met, they begin to lose hope.

Admitting that the programming language is complex will prepare your frontal lobes (part of the brain responsible for rational thinking). This single admission will help your brain think logically and streamline your expectations as you progress in your learning curve.

The smart move: Take a break when you feel stuck.

Let us talk about how you can be further successful as you learn to code.

If you want to be successful in programming, you have to be passionate about it learn as if your life depends on it.

On a low key, I love HTML and CSS; the markup language and cascading stylesheet give early glory to learners. If you tell me that they're not that complex, I will agree with you!

But talking about other programming languages, they can be exhausting!

I remembered when I had just started learning to code; the more I tried, the more everything looked confusing.

Especially learning Javascript, not grasping Javascript concepts as I expected in my early learning days, almost crippled my career. But, if you want to become a superstar with the web, you need to know Javascript (I knew that from the onset).

How was I able to navigate through the difficult time?

Even though things didn't make sense, I kept on learning. The dilemma of learning a new language is that things don't always make sense initially.

I always hope that things will make sense one day.

Turning Point: When things begin to make sense

You see that moment when you were struggling to learn and memorise some concept; some things were actually sticking.

After I quit javascript for like four months, coming back to it gave me another perspective entirely. Reading those documentations that don't make sense again came at different results altogether.

After I came back, the first thing I noticed was that I now possessed more clarity. Instead of just reading randomly, I now search for resources based on my needs.

For example, when I want to create a slider banner, I will search for resources to solve that very problem.

I continued with that approach, and within two months, things changed, and I became more comfortable writing Javascript.

One I must point out after I left Javascript for a while, I did not quit coding entirely; in fact, I started learning Python.

Remember that when you stop solving maths, you lose your chances of getting better. Technologies skills follow the same idea. The more time you spend writing code, the more options you give yourself to become better.

Takeaway: Take a break but don't quit

Learning anything new can be tricky, and nothing is easier to understand. It all depends on the commitment you are willing to invest into it.

Whenever you feel confused about a programming language, take a break and try learning about another concept. By the time you return to learning, this will become clearer.

I am dedicating this article to all the aspiring tech enthusiasts, keep practising, and you will keep on improving.

If you have anyone struggling to learn coding skills, share this article with them.

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